Add Beauty to Home with Blinds

 Window treatments are an important part of any interior design. It serves many functions, from providing privacy to blocking light. The beauty of having window treatments is that they can be used for many years to add character to a home. There are a variety of different styles available including roller, motorized, Venetian, plain, and cellular. The type of window coverings purchased will depend on the type of function they are needed for.

 Window Drapes

 Window drapes are generally purchased as single-piece curtains, valances, gathered valances, roll up, tie-backs, tie-back cords, or panel curtains. The type of curtains that are chosen for the interior design will depend on the room that they are needed for and the decor of that room. For example, the curtain lengths needed for a window treatment in a bedroom might not be the same as those required for a sun room or bathroom. For rooms like a kitchen or study there are many different options for window coverings. Some curtains are even designed to match kitchen hardware.

 Motorized Drapes

 Motorized drapes are one of the most common styles of window treatments. These curtains use motors to raise and lower the curtain when the sensor is activated. Once the curtains are raised the motor will then pull the curtain back. These types of curtains require an electrical outlet and a cord extension. Electric motorized curtains are very easy to operate and can provide the privacy and function necessary for any room.

 Motorized Window Drapes

 Some people prefer the classic style of motorized window drapes. These curtains require no cords or electricity and can easily be operated using a remote control. These curtains hang from a single hanger rod. You control the length of the rod by pulling a cord or button. Longer rods are better for large windows or doors where you want a lot of light entering a room. The curtains may also block out some of the daylight entering your interior design.

 Custom Window Drapes

 Custom draperies are great for almost every room in your home. Window treatments such as custom curtains can create a dramatic look in a room. Window drapes allow you to get the look you want without paying a retail price for custom curtains. In addition, custom draperies can often give you the feel of being more individual than your room would otherwise lend itself too. Explore the modern window designs available for sale at Sky Blinds.

 Types of Window Treatment 

  1. A popular type of window treatment that uses rods and curtains is the swag system. Swag systems allow you to hang curtains in a continuous line. Rods are placed along the bottom of every rod in the system. When a curtain is pulled, it goes up and to the top of the rod nearest to it. This allows you to adjust the length of each rod infinitely without having to re-rod the curtains.
  2. If you prefer a more hands-on method of hanging your curtains, you may choose to have someone help you. With this type of window treatment, a person will place their hands on the drapes as they pass them, which helps to adjust the rods as needed. The best curtain lengths depend on the height of the windows in your home. You should determine the rod that will give you the best control over the length of your drapes.

 You can use a rod that has a center eye in order to get the most control. It allows you to adjust the length of each rod infinitely. You can also use the center pole for this type of window treatment. The curtains will hang from the bottommost eye of the rod. The best curtain lengths depend on the height of your windows, as well as the window treatments that you choose to hang.


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